Posted on Dec 6, 2018

NorthStar Insurance Services, INC.

Over the past year, we have seen many cases of the devastating impacts of a data breach. From May’s WannaCry ransomware attack that affected National Health Services hospital operations in England to the Equifax breach that compromised the Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and other personally identifiable information of upwards of 143 million consumers, many individuals have seen their lives negatively impacted by data breaches, and many businesses have found themselves in a position of responsibility for the damages. Further, there are thousands of data breaches and cyber-attacks that are targeted toward small businesses, non-profits and public entities on a local level that are not depicted in the national news. Having a Data Breach/Data Privacy Liability policy can be a strong defense against many of the liabilities associated with cyber-attacks, but simply having the policy is not enough. As one works to protect one’s business against the liabilities of a data breach, it is important to make sure that the ins and outs of coverage are clearly understood and tailored to one’s business risks.
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